Free Encryption Software: FreeCrypt for Windows

Encrypt your private files with FreeCrypt

If you have personal files and documents that you don't want other people to see or open, such as your personal finance files, your family photo archive, or your private email correspondence, you can use FreeCrypt to protect your digital archives with a password of your choice and thus prevent any access to your files without knowing the correct password.

FreeCrypt is a free encryption program for Windows Vista/XP/2000 that lets you encrypt your private files, documents, digital photos, digital movie files, and other personal information. FreeCrypt lets you create an encrypted container on your hard drive, in which you can place your private documents. Without a password, the container will appear to contain raw bytes, with no relation to the contents of the original documents. Only if you enter the correct password, the container would reveal its actual contents, and become accessible via the My Computer folder, as if it were an additional removable drive attached to your computer. You would be able to work with such a "virtual drive" in the same way as with the "real" drive you have: you could browse its contents with Windows Explorer, you could open and save files from/to it, view the digital images or play your digital movies, or do anything else you usually do with your files and documents. You can move into the container your personal files, such as your financial records, your family photo archive, or the digital audio and/or video files you have on your hard disk. When you no longer need to use your personal files, you would close the container and it would instantly hide its true contents, until the next time you enter a valid password.

What you can do with FreeCrypt:

  • Encrypt digital photos
  • Encrypt digital movies
  • Encrypt email archive
  • Encrypt financial records
  • Encrypt tax returns
  • Encrypt email archive
  • Encrypt private correspondence
  • Encrypt personal documents
  • Encrypt other private files

FreeCrypt is very easy to use. When you run it, it guides you through the steps necessary to create the encrypted container, by letting you specify its desired size, the method of its encryption, and other options. After the container has been created, simply open it with the mouse, enter your password, and start working with the files it contains right away.

FreeCrypt can be used to mail your private files to someone you trust, too. For example, suppose you want to mail a disc with your digital photos you took on vacation to you grandma, but you are worried the disc may get lost in the mail and get into someone else's hands. To protect your digital photos against misuse, you can use FreeCrypt to create an encrypted container, copy your photo images there, then burn the container's file to a CD-R or DVD-R disc along with a copy of Free Crypt for your grandma's use, and drop it in the mail. You can sleep well now, because no one would be able to extract the photo images from the encrypted container without knowing your password, even if all computers on earth were programmed to do nothing else but attempt to decrypt your container! When your grandma receives the disc, call her and tell her the password. She would run Free Crypt from the disc, enter the password, and would instantly see your digital photo files.

FreeCrypt is free for personal use only. If you want to encrypt your business files or documents, please purchase one of our other encryption products. Your purchase will help us continue to develop good quality software and provide support to you and other business users like you. Thank you for your understanding of this requirement.

Note: This product is not available yet for download or purchase. All information on this page is preliminary and subject to change without notice.

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